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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

A very small percentage of vehicles transported sustain any measurable damage and whilst we do our utmost to protect yours, it is worth preparing your car well to minimise the risk associated with transporting your vehicle.

  • Inspect Your Car Thoroughly for Existing Damage Before Shipping

Check for and document any pre-existing damage. You can do this in a few easy steps:

  • Thoroughly wash your car.
  • Make a written record of any chips, dents, scratches or other cosmetic damage.
  • Take pictures of the car from several angles as well as close-up shots of any damage.
  • Date the photographs and written record.
  • Verify that the transporter makes an official note in addition to your personal records.
  • Remove Custom Products and Personal Items

Your vehicle will be inspected, loaded and unloaded numerous times while being transported. For this reason, it will most likely travel unlocked. Decrease the risk of theft by removing custom stereos, after-market video and DVD players, TVs, GPS Systems, radio faceplates and detachable CD players. Ship these items separately.

  • Do not pack your car with personal items

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when shipping cars. It is likely that your car carrier will refuse to transport your car if it contains personal belongings. In addition, vehicle transporters are not licensed to transfer goods, so doing this could result in penalties.

Remember to remove all personal items from the interior of your car, including the trunk. An automotive transporter’s insurance will not cover any personal items inside your vehicle. These items may shift during transport and cause immense damage to your vehicle. You will be held liable if your items cause damage to another vehicle or the transport truck. Furthermore, these items will add to the weight of the vehicle, which will impact the price and speed of service.

  • Remove Toll Tags and Parking Passes

Remove or deactivate any toll tags or parking passes on your car. These items could be charged continually on the way to the destination. Furthermore, they are valuable and could be targeted for theft.

  • Prepare Your Car for Transport

Though your car will be driven minimally during the transport process, it should nonetheless be in good driving condition. Inoperable vehicles can be shipped, but the transporter must know in advance so that they can make the proper preparations. For operable vehicles, mechanical issues can cause unforeseen delays and damages. Therefore, you should perform a maintenance check before shipping your car.

Use the following guide to help you ensure your vehicle is in good operational order:

  • Make sure the battery has a full charge and that the tyres are properly inflated.
  • Top up all fluids in the car
  • Run down your fuel tank to a quarter or eighth full. An almost-empty tank will save weight and help keep your consignment moving along quickly.
  • Keep an eye on the vehicle for a few weeks prior to shipment. If there are any leaks or mechanical problems make sure you let the driver know. Vehicles with leaks should never be placed on the top rack of a multi-car carrier because they can drip on the vehicles below.
  • Document any mechanical problems and write down any special instructions needed to drive your car onto and off the trailer. Be sure to advise the driver of any problems starting or stopping your car.
  • Prepare for On and Off Loading

Prepare your car to be loaded on and off your car transporter’s truck or trailer to help them ship your car with ease. Remember, the better you prepare your car for shipment, the more likely it will arrive on time.

If you have a convertible vehicle, make sure the top is secured as thoroughly as possible to avoid damage from air, debris, or moisture.

Do not secure convertibles with a wind-resistant tarp or cover. Tarps or covers are like sandpaper on vehicles and vehicles are not transported with these under any circumstances.

Fold back your mirrors and retract the antenna. Any specialty items, like fog lights should be secured or removed.

Finally, turn off or disable your car alarm. If you cannot disable the alarm, provide detailed, written instructions for the driver on how to turn off the alarm in case it is triggered.

To minimise any delays in the transport of your vehicle, follow these steps when preparing for transport. You will be more confident that your car can be looked after and protected.


The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Car Transport Company

Choosing the right car transport company can be tricky.

But it needn’t be.

Apart from online reviews and checking their information on their website, it is good to know what many have claimed to be their 3 biggest mistakes when choosing a car transport company.

  1. Believing the cheapest transport quote is the best

The car transport industry as a whole has got a bad reputation from these companies. Many of these non-reputable car transporters will “go low” on their transport quotes in order to get a customer’s business.

Customers may see these quotes as the best value for their dollar. However, they may be unaware that these types of car transport companies have no real intention of shipping their vehicle at the stated price.

They may have bid the vehicle too low and are having trouble moving it in a timely fashion. After the vehicle has not moved for an extended period of time, you may get a call with some excuse (fuel prices have gone up, driver is asking for more money, we made a mistake on the bid, etc.).

Invariably, they’ll say they need more money to move the vehicle because of some unexpected expenses.

Using companies like these may end up costing you more than a reliable car transport company that might have had a higher starting quote to start with.

A word of caution…

You may encounter corrupt or non-trustworthy companies in the car transport industry. Unfortunately, as much as we seek to rid the industry of the bad eggs, it’s not always possible.

  1. Giving a deposit when you place your vehicle shipping order

If a car transport company is asking for a deposit when you place your order, careful…they may be one of the untrustworthy ones.


These same companies will ask you to sign a contract with them. In the fine print of the contract, it could say the deposit you give them is non-refundable – even if your vehicle is never moved.

Reputable car transport companies will not collect a deposit when you place a booking.

3. Selecting a car transport company without doing research

The easiest way to be sure you’re choosing the right car transport company is to become informed and that means do some research of your own.

If you have a friend or family member that has shipped cars before, ask them for a referral.

If you are moving your home, ask your home movers who they use for vehicle shipping.

All of these referral sources are good methods to find a reputable car transport company.

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